The idea of outdoor cinema came after spending many years working on “picnic in the park” music festivals around the country; our team realised that the concept could easily lend itself to outdoor cinema, to test the water we set up a small production company to research and to train…..

It comes as a surprise to some that the “drive in” movie scene in America died out so long ago, a victim of the age of cable TV and home movies, the new outdoor cinema has moved on a long way from the original “drive in”.

The need for outdoor cinema had never gone away, and was always present; coupling this need with the new technology available today meant that the rebirth would have far greater flexibility and higher levels of sound and film quality than ever before. Cinema would be transportable, would fit into tighter spaces. The development of these new outdoor systems meant not only a growing industry in both the US and Australia but also in Europe. The UK was and still is a fairly small player in this field, but given time we hope to change all that!!

After two years of heavy research, mainly with our colleagues across the pond, the idea came to fruition more by chance then by design. Having already sourced and bought the equipment, tested it, and begun to learn our trade, one of our directors had a chance phone call with an old friend, he complained that he was trying to stage an outdoor cinema event but couldn’t find the equipment or the team to stage it, our director put her foot in the water and offered our services, “great you’re on”, then coyly phoning us to ask if we where ready to go with the cinema, “yes of course we are”, “good” I have a friend that needs our help ……….

What she failed to mention in the first instance was that the event was going to be in France!

So the first season saw us not only test the equipment with a live audience, but also test the logistics of moving the whole road show to the South of France….

“So, on a balmy summer’s evening a perfectly natural amphitheatre nestling in the hills around a southern French village was lit up by spectacular light globes inviting cinema goers to a new experience in the open air and as the sun went down, people picnicked on the grass, listening to live groups performing on stage and when night finally fell the enormous screen with good acoustic sound allowed visitors to enjoy such old favourites as The Ray Charles Story; The Glen Miller Story plus Sister Act and Jazz in the Afternoon…….


………..and the rest as they say, is history!”


From that small but testing beginning the team have now moved on to other challenges, country parks, private homes and again this year back to France and hopefully on to Portugal….


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