If you are going to show the film yourself or are using another supplier then here is a short guide on what you legally need to do or ask...

Once you have chosen your film, you will be responsible for making sure that you have the appropriate permission to show it. All films and soundtracks are subject to very strict copyright laws. You may want to advertise your film show by way of posters and local papers, all this has to be cleared by the copyright owners, and so pre-planning is the key!

Another problem you may come across is the owner of the copyright may not be the company that actually made the film, this happens when major studios co-operate on film production, when old catalogues of films are bought and sold by studios, individuals and distributors.

Once you have a licence to show your film, don’t forget the soundtrack, this also has to be licensed, unfortunately by another copyright specialist, and especially if it has a music involvement…..

Because we show films on a regular basis, we have developed contacts within the copyright industry and have access to the soundtrack licence distributors, so we are happy to help in locating the required permissions to help your film show go without any hitches…

So, do make sure that whoever helps you with your film show, they have all the appropriate licences in place, and that they are also insured for the event!