Some of our venues deal with the ticketing themselves, and at others we do it for them, and sometimes we both do it, seems a little complicated!


So to make it easier, whenever you see the Quaytickets logo as below on the same page as the venue, clicking on it will take you through to our on-line ticketing partner, if it's not there it will done by the venue.



Your ticket will normally be posted out to you, but not always…

1.       We have a set shut off point when the online service will not send the tickets by post, this is because they would not arrive in time, when this happens they inform us and we have the ticket waiting for you at the gate.

2.       You decide not to have the ticket posted to you, again we will have them waiting for you.

3.       You buy by phone directly to the venue, again either posted or kept for you to pick up at the gate.

If you forget your ticket, we can access the lists and confirm you have bought the ticket. So don’t worry.

Finally, please check the certification for each film you are buying tickets for, we have to abide by the certification for the film as do the main stream cinemas….







Although we prefer it to be a nice balmy evening, we have to accept that this doesn’t always happen, even during our summers!

… so under normal circumstances the screening will go ahead even if it rains!

What should I bring with me?

You should bring with you warm clothing, something to sit on such as a blanket or folding picnic chair, maybe an umbrella…..

Can I bring any food or drinks?

We actively encourage you to bring along a picnic, and drinks of course, all our venues will have varying amounts of food and drink to supplement what you have brought or indeed so you don’t have to bring anything!

Opening times

The venue will normally be open for guest about 2 hours before the screening; this gives all our guests’ ample time to meet up and of course to enjoy the pre-screening atmosphere of the picnic before the film starts.


Sorry, although we all understand that our pets love to watch a good movie just like the next man, er pet, out of consideration to our other guests, we have to say no to any pets, sorry!

My friend has a wheelchair, will they be alright?

Absolutely, your friend can choose to sit anywhere on the grounds, our staff will be more than happy to assist if they want. If any of our guests have any concerns they can email us direct on and we will be more than happy to answer any concerns or assist in finding a solution.


We encourage all our guests to help us to recycle from our events, you can choose to take any waste home or use the marked bins around the event to dispose of your waste.


We ask all our guests to refrain from smoking in and amongst our other guests, but we do have an area to the rear for smokers, it is signposted and yes, you can still see the film from there!


All our screenings will have the usual facilities for all our guests.


We aim to make the event as safe as possible and to adhere to all the industry standards for such an event, to this end we have our own in-house safety qualified staff on site, our hosts and stewards are first aid trained and on site throughout the performance.


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