Fuelled by nostalgia and advances in technology, alfresco cinema has enjoyed a recent revival in some parts of America and Australia. Those that have experienced this growing phenomenon say that its comeback has been led by new technology and that improved film and sound is awesome. Now Lady in Red Productions, a small private production company, specialising in outdoor cinema accompanied by live music, have re-introduced outdoor cinema into the UK and Europe. The British version of outdoor cinema offers facilities for walk-in movies where friends and family can park the car, bring their picnic baskets, spread their rugs on the lawn, snuggle-up and enjoy live music, followed by a classic film in the magnificent setting of one of Britain’s finest stately homes or parks. The classics are by far the most popular, watching these films it doesn’t matter if people miss a bit of the movie chatting with their friends or going to buy a beer, because everyone has already seen the film several times before. Films like The Italian Job and The Glenn Miller Story have universal appeal; young or old can bring their children and grandchildren for a great night of family entertainment.


Recently the company showed the famous film, The Great Escape, when everyone started to cheer Steve McQueen on his motorbike as he was being chased by German soldiers, the audience was shouting ‘go on jump the fence’ and ‘have another go, you’ll be all right’ – the atmosphere was electrifying.


Outdoor cinema is so completely different, it is such a refreshing alternative to summer barbecues; what could be better than outdoor cinema on a lazy summer evening; to lay back and listen to music and enjoy a picnic whilst waiting for darkness to fall? After the sun has set and the first flashes of the movie flicker on the towering screen, passers by will want to stop and ask; ‘What’s going on?’


Fantastic pictures on a giant screen and cinema quality audio will leave people buzzing with excitement – it is a spectacle we have all probably seen before, but only at the movies!


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