What better way to enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoor cinema than by relaxing with friends enjoying a glass of wine or champagne and enjoying a picnic before the light fades and the show begins?


We encourage our visitors to bring along picnics and to enjoy the ambiance we try to create and for those who just want to arrive and enjoy the evening, we can arrange pre-ordered hampers, and don’t worry about running out of drink, we always have wine and champagne available…


For those who want to invite their own guests, bring the whole family or just want some privacy then our Private Guest areas are available to hire.


These are seated undercover areas, discreetly surrounded by small fences, which come complete with lighting and are equipped with mosquito nets and covers to keep out any adverse weather conditions or flying pests; the area seats eight people around a stylish wooden table.


Pre-film, speakers bring the sound and atmosphere to the private area, once the film commences the guests are encouraged to take their reserved seats in the audience, returning to the private area as many times as they wish, and as the warm evening air cools each guest has the use of one of the fine soft and warm blankets to be found waiting for them in the private guest area.


Champagne is served on arrival and a full menu of picnic treats are available including wine, cold meats, cheeses, salads and breads.


The private guest area is looked after by a team of stewards who will endeavour to make the private guests stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


Although each private guest area is separated from its neighbour by a small fence, larger companies looking to entertain more than the eight people may wish to have more than one private guest area, this is not a problem, the fencing can be quickly removed, and the tables can be re-arranged to allow for a more informal buffet to be served along the back of one or more private guest areas. This also allows the use of the outside area to allow people to move around and to relax and mingle whilst enjoying a glass of champagne...



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